Member Aviaries

Aviary Name Species Location
JDG Budgies
Jim and Diane Gilchrist
(905) 839-3219
English Budgies Pickering
Mainly Finches
Mike Manley
(905) 477-2933
Australian and African Finches Unionville
V&K Aviaries
Vince and Kendra Moase
(905) 723-1978
Australian and African Finches Oshawa
Sharon Steele
(905) 786-2593
Breeder of Lineolated Parakeets Newtonville
Like To Chirp Aviary
Hobby breeder (hand raised) Cockatiels, English budgies & linnies Durham
Hooked on Bills Aviaries
Laurie McColl
(613) 475-4226
Quality hand fed hookbills. Cockatiels, quakers, indian ringnecks, sun conures, button quail Brighton
The Bird Gallery
John Zerafa
(905) 355-5542
Exhibition Budgerigars, Exhibition Zebra Finches, American Singer Canaries, British Birds, Hookbills Colborne
Feathered Wings Aviary
Christine Harris
(416) 670-3458
Specializing in handfed Parrotlets, Linnies, Lovebirds and Pineapple Conures Zephyr

Other Aviaries in Canada

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