Founded in 1977, the DAS serves the area East of Metropolitan Toronto that is known as the Durham Region, but includes members in the GTA and surrounding areas, as well.  Regardless of where you are located, you are welcome to join us!

Currently the DAS serves a much wider geographic area and our membership includes pet bird owners as well as serious breeders. No matter where your interests lie, we are confident that you will find our meetings are a great place to expand your knowledge while spending time with others who share your interest birds.

Aims of the Durham Avicultural Society (DAS)

  1.  To serve breeders and pet owners in Durham and surrounding area.
  2.  To bring together interested persons in membership to promote and protect the quality and standards of the fancy.
  3. To improve fellowship among aviculturists and avicultural societies.
  4. To exchange ideas and educate members for the betterment of the fancy, through breeding, exhibiting and proper husbandry.
  5. To promote the physical well-being of birds.
  6. To promote aviculture to the general public.
  7. To take an active role in preserving the natural avian fauna where and when possible.

What the Durham Avicultural Society Offers:

  • A chance to meet other Aviculturists and Pet owners
  • Informative Guest Speakers
  • Resources and Networking
  • Monthly Meetings (except January, February, July, August and December)
  • Monthly Bulletin (except January, February, July, August and December)
  • Leg bands available for members to purchase
  • Outings and social events

Perhaps you’re involved with a group (scouts, cubs, nursing homes, schools, etc.) that would enjoy a visit from feathered friends. Our members delight in taking their beautiful, well socialized birds “out and about” to entertain and educate.

If you…

  • breed birds
  • have a pet bird
  • have more than one
  • have lots of them!
  • are curious about birds 

… or are just fascinated by these beautiful feathered creatures, we hope you will consider joining the Durham Avicultural Society!